Thursday, July 8, 2010

I need a Break!

Its time for me to take a break & enjoy my life...hahahaa.. Although I have been quite depressed nowadays but Life is Short.. Live my Life to the fullest... reformat my brain.. add ram & a new processor to it.. delete all those virus.. add more powerful firewall.. YahoOooo.. ! Can't wait to go holiday to Langkawi next month! That's a lot of celebration next month.. ! My Daddy's Birthday, My cousin Choon Yen's Birthday, My colleague Nicole, Hwee Theng & Yean Leng's Birthday!..Wow... can't wait till August! Hope I can prepare a surprise birthday party for you guys!
Its gonna be a SWEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ONE!!! Hahahhaa.. :O)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Please Stop Gossiping!

Is Gossiping so important in our Daily Life? Why some ladies out there are so busy body talking about other people, teasing their own species & doesn't even care about peoples feelings???Come on.. you are human so are those people out there! Mind their own business! Why you are so care about how people live, eat & shit? Do their habits interrupt your life? Or you will die if you stop gossiping. God are with us all the time. He knows what you are doing....If you still want to do so.. Hades will reserve a place for you in HELL!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dissapointing Me~

Dear Diary,

I really don't understand why some people are so ego about themselves? Do they think before saying it? Shouting & screaming doesn't mean that they gain respect from people. They don't appreciate how good people are treating them. Complaining & complaining every single second & blaming them for not caring enough.. blaming their parents for not treating them good. Thinking that money is everything.. thought everyone will betray them..All of this is attitude problem.. This kind of people don't have true friends. Being fake & wearing a mask is their true friends..They like to listen to fake things. People are sick nowadays...sighhh... a word of wisdom to them "Please learn to respect yourself before you respect others" Its not too late to change to a more positive attitude.

Yours Truly,
Disappointing Me

Argentina Goal! Goal! Goal!

On this coming Saturday, my friends & me will be holding a steamboat party for all Argentine supporters! (Referring to us) Haha.. I know I'm a football maniac but 4 years once.. worth it to stay awake middle of the night isn't it? Goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is the key word to having fun together!! I know my colleagues thought I'm insane for having football fever as I smiling to myself receiving football sms from my friends. (Betting for our favorite team) Hahahaha even my hubby shook his head seeing me receiving sms middle of the night! Lets see who will win between Argentina & Germany~Lets SHOUT for Argentine!! Yeahh!!!!

*Today I lost my bet to my Leader between Spain & Portugal but this will not upset me because my BELOVED HUBBY THE ARGENTINE ARE ON THE RUN!I know my lover Portugal already lost to Spain.. so Argentine.. please don't make me cry~ YOU GUYS CAN DO IT!! KAMPATEH!! See You Guys battle in the FINAL is my GREATEST WISH!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!!

I bought this Chocolate Cheese Cake from Secret Recipe. It doesn't taste good enough for me as what I expected. I got the 1st bite, shook my head & says "Shit man! I have been conned.The cake is so hard that I hardly cut & the cheese are not creamy at all!~Maybe because its ready made. Anyway I'm glad everyone in my family enjoy it though!Haha... As I reached home my dad already cook Duck & Chicken soup with cordyceps (Chinese Herbs) Yum~Yum~ I ate mee suah noodle with Duck & Chicken soup plus a few drops of 12 years Chivas Whisky. Wow! I tell you.. this is the most delicious Home Cook soup I ever had..Thanks Dad!! U ARE THE BEST CHEF IN MY HEART ! Hahahaha.. I felt so happy & touched. He cooked for us even on Father's Day! I know he spends a lot on this soup as I know Cordyceps are damn expensive~ :O) So, I wanna wish MY DADDY & everyone out there a Happy Fathers Day and hope you guys enjoy and cherish every single moment with your beloved dad.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

BB Park

I still remember when I used to hang around at BB Park ... its so happening. People from all races crowded at the cafe slurping their cool fresh juices.. having a great meal.. people walking here & there in a group.. yelling & laughing around... but things started to change now. Not a good place to hang around though. Where are those humans? Where have they been? Times Square? Pavilion? Sg Wang? Ohh... I'm getting old now.. not as active as last time I use to be. A lot of things have changed because I seldom expose to KL life after marriage. Nowadays, people use to bring their laptops around... surfing the net, access to facebook... blogging... online games...My gosh! Even my boss have facebook too. I wonder if he got his own blog?I thought we have to separate our private life & working life what. This is crazy man!!

2nd Wedding Anniversary

I called up Siew Roong this afternoon wishes her Happy Wedding Anniversary to her & her hubby. Both of us register our marriage on 6 June 2008 at the Tian Hou Kong Temple. Although we seldom meet up but we still keep in touch through facebook. She got such an adorable baby girl which is 1 month old. Congrats Mr & Mrs Wong! hehe. As for me.. hahaha... still making babies ...I know we are not young anymore but what to do? Have to be extra hardworking ... hehehe .... U get what I mean? lolzz...Where I celebrated my anniversary? First, we got our appetizer at Coffee Bean having Macedonia Cheese Cake & Cappuccino.. then we got this flyer from Restaurant Outback located at BB Park so we decided to give it a try. My hubby ordered Double Lamb T-Bone & for me I ordered Smoked BBQ Chicken..taste similar to Kenny Rogers Chicken. I prefer the mash potatoes more as it taste creamier than Kenny Rogers but one thing they mash it with a bit of potatoes skin. Too bad I don't have a proper camera.. that's why I cannot capture those delicious food.. haiz.. but anyway I really enjoy that special moment... Thanks honey~Love you forever!*_-